WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option for WR-G315 and WR-G39DDC Receivers

The WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option is an optional software package, a collection of trunk-tracking modules, fully integrated with WiNRADiO WR-G315e, WR-G315i, WR-G39DDCe and WR-G39DDCi receivers. Intended mainly to satisfy the needs of a serious radio monitoring enthusiast as well as for less demanding professional surveillance applications, this product continues in the fine tradition of the original WiNRADiO Trunking Option, elevating many of its original concepts to a higher level of functionality and performance, and adding new types of trunking.

The WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option contains full support for Motorola SmartNet, MPT1327 and EDACS.

In conjunction with the optional APCO P25 decoder, the program will follow and decode APCO P25 digitally-coded voice traffic on 3600 baud control channels (also known as Motorola Astro as well as APCO P25 native 9600 baud control channels.

The WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option consists of separate decoders for each of the major supported trunked systems, APCO P25, SmartNet, MPT1327 and EDACS.

Motorola ASTRO is based on the SmartNet data protocol and therefore shares the SmartNet decoder for the control channel.

The selected decoder normally waits on the control channel (also known as the system "data" channel) of a given trunking network until it receives all the necessary information allowing it to tune to the traffic ("voice") channel, by decoding it from the control channel data stream. When this happens, the decoder "tracks" the voice channel, tuning the receiver automatically from one frequency to another, to ensure that the conversation is uninterrupted. When a voice channel call terminates, the decoder then retunes the receiver back to the control channel frequency to repeat the process. The user can select which voice channel to track, from a displayed list of currently active channels.

Main Features

 Simple and intuitive trunk-tracking interface
 SmartNet, MPT1327, EDACS trunking - all in a single package
 Motorola APCO P25 and ASTRO-ready (requires optional APCO P25 Decoder)
 System information database
 Control channel message log


SmartNet Main Control Panel
SmartNet main control panel showing activity on a particular trunking network

Similar control panels to the one shown above also exist for the other trunking modes. Differences between the panels reflect the different trunking methods and information parameters associated with these systems. The SmartNet control panel can accommodate both analog and APCO P25 coded voice channels (assuming that the optional APCO P25 decoder is installed). The WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option also contains a system information database which remembers system parameters of all previously trunked networks, even if trunked for only a few seconds. A trunking network can then be immediately recognized by its transmitted ID, and all relevant system parameters can be immeditely set for instant tracking action.

SmartNet database contains system information for all previously trunked networks
The WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option also contains a special feature that makes it possible to observe "raw" messages decoded from the control channel signal. This is intended for in-depth analysis, research or troubleshooting of a trunking system. The control channel messages are displayed for all supported trunking systems. For different trunking systems, the messages will be different; for example for SmartNet the messages are displayed as numbers resulting from basic splitting of the received data stream, while for MPT1327, the messages are displayed in a binary form and/or human readable text, with annotations and descriptions derived from the MPT1327 specification:
MPT1327 Message Log
MPT1327 Message Log
System Requirements
CPU Pentium P4 1.6 GHz or higher
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
RAM 256 MB min.
HDD Space 32 MB min.
Receiver WiNRADiO WR-G315e or WR-G315i or WR-G39ddce or WR-G39DDCi receiver
Note: Cannot be used with the DRD-172 or WA-0872 decoders, a separate trunking option is under development for these items.

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