WiNRADiO G65DDC Series Software Developer's Information

Software Developer's Kit

The SDK document outlines the API specification for the G65DDC (Excalibur Sigma) series of WiNRADiO receivers, including the interfacing syntax and examples for C/C++ and C# programming languages.

This makes it possible for a third-party software developer to gain complete control over the G65DDC receiver. This includes tuning the receiver, controlling the attenuator and gain, as well as reading the signal strength, gaining access to the digitally down-converted data stream and the demodulated signal.

The WR-G65DDC API SDK is implemented as a dynamic library (G65DDCAPI.dll). It provides both object-oriented and non-object-oriented interfaces to control the WiNRADiO G65DDC receiver. The API can be used by any 32-bit application under Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (including their 64-bit versions). The API can be used also by any 64-bit application but only under 64-bit versions of the supported operating systems.

A C/C++ header file G65DDCAPI.h is a part of the SDK.

The G65DDCAPI.DLL API file is available as a standard part of the WiNRADiO G65DDC application installer which is supplied with the receiver and can be also downloaded here.


Memory File Format

The WiNRADiO G65DDC series uses a specialized file format. The format is provided here for the benefit of our users and third-party developers.

Please note that non-adherence to the specified format may yield unexpected results when attempting to load memory files created by non-complying third party software. However, while such a mismatch may cause undesired operation, it can't damage the receiver.

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