WiNRADiO G33EM Marine Receiver - Classical Modes

G33EM Classical Mode User Interface

The WR-G33EM receiver offers classical AM, LSB, USB, DSB and CW modes. The advanced control panel makes it possible to tune frequency in many different ways; using the tuning knob which can be turned using the mouse in both directions, or by using up/down arrow buttons, or simply by typing in the frequency.

The zoomable real-time spectrum scope makes it possible to observe received signals in fine detail. Graphically adjustable passband filters allow the user to control the signal bandwidth in order to achieve the maximum possible signal-to-noise ratio and to enhance reception of even the weakest signals. There is also a graphically operated notch filter which can be moved within the received spectrum and its width adjusted.

The receiver can save up to 10,000 frequencies in a memory file and there can be many memory files stored on your PC. Each memory contains all the signal parameters, including demodulation/decoding mode, so that recalling a memory sets the receiver to the appropriate mode automatically.

The receiver comes with conveniently preinstalled memories which contain international frequencies for HF Fax, NAVTEX and DSC transmitters.

There is also a recorder/playback facility and a task scheduler. The scheduler can control the receiver entirely automatically, tuning the receiver to desired stations at the preset times and recording the broadcasts for later playback.

The signal can be recorded also at the IF (intermediate frequency) level, making it possible to vitually "re-receive" the radio signals many times over to allow for optimum adjustment of filter passband, notch filter and other parameters.

A zoomable, high-resolution world map is supplied with the receiver. This is particularly useful in conjuction with the GPS Option.