WR-G33EM Marine Receiver Options

Wall-mounting bracket (WR-G3E-WMB)

WR-G3E-WMB wall-mounting bracket

This wall mounting bracket makes it possible to mount the WR-G33EM receiver to a wall or under a desk, thus saving space. An elegant and useful accessory. The receiver can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and can be easily removed from the bracket without the need of a tool.


GPS Option (WR-G3E-GPS)

G33E GPS Option

This hardware/software option consists of an integrated GPS receiver and antenna (with USB interface) and application mapping software with a high-resolution world map licensed by NASA. When combined with the G33EM receiver, this option provides a continuous position display, superimposed on a zoomable high-resolution map of the world. Logging course co-ordinates into a ".csv" file is also provided, with user-definable logging intervals.

Technical Specifications
General L1 frequency 12-channel continuous tracking
Update rate 1 Hz
Sensitivity -170 dBW
Accuracy of position 15 m (without Selective Availability)
Accuracy of velocity 0.1 m/s (without Selective Availability)
Accuracy of time 1 ms
Datum WGS-84
Cold start time 60 s
Warm start time 38 s
Hot start time 8 s
Reacquisition of signal 1 s
Maximum altitude 18,000 m
Maximum velocity 515 m/s
Maximum motional jerk 20 m/s3
Maximum acceleration 4G (39.2 m/s2)
Operating temperature -30C 80C
Storage temperature -40C 85C
Humidity Max. 95% non-condensing
Interface USB
Power 5V 5%, 90mA (via interface)
LED indicator OFF: Power OFF
ON: Searching
FLASHING: Position fixed
GPS output protocol NMEA 0183 SiRF binary: position, velocity, altitude, status
Serial transfer protocol User configurable (default 4800,N,8,1)
Cable length 1800 mm
Dimensions 59 mm (L) x 47 mm (W) x 21 mm (H)
Package Water-proof with non-slip magnetic base

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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