WR-G39DDC Reviews

Radio User Magazine


"... a receiver that some might consider to be the best software defined radio currently available."

"Once Id familiarised myself with the G39DDC Excelsior, it was a real delight to use and I found it was an incredibly powerful monitoring tool."

"Although I spent most of my time chasing around the VHF/UHF bands, the G39DDC Excelsior is also a very capable HF receiver and it can comfortably handle signals throughout its 20kHz to 3.5GHz range."

"... the WiNRADiO G39DDC Excelsior is a stunning receiver and a dream for radio enthusiasts."

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Monitoring Times Magazine

Monitoring Times

"This is the most amazing receiver I've ever encountered. It employs the latest proven SDR architecture, operates well beyond the spectral range that most of us would ever think of trying to hear, and demodulates all conventional modes."

"Its three integral spectrum displays are extraordinarily useful, allowing spectral chunks from a few kilohertz up to 3.5 gigahertz to be examined in detail simultaneously."

"Competitive receivers and spectrum analyzers witb similar features sell typically in the ten thousand dollar range and more. The G39DDCe is available for under five thousand dollars."

"This is a receiver we expect to see adopted eagerly by government, military, and professional users for SIGINT, signals surveillance, laboratory R&D, test bench applications, and other analytical applications."

"I ordinarily find something to complain about in my reviews, but trying to find something I don't like about the G39DDCe has left me at a loss, and that's a gain for this winner."

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