WR-G39DDCi Receiver Hardware Options

At the front, the WiNRADiO G39DDCi card has a standard SMA antenna input connector, plus several additional optional SMA inputs that may or may not be installed, depending on the customer requirement:

External Reference Input Option (/XR)

This option makes it possible to connect an external 10 MHz reference oscillator for the highest possible frequency accuracy. The input is AC coupled and has an internal impedance of 50 ohm. The reference oscillator signal can be either sine or square wave between -1 and +10 dBm. The reference input is enabled under software (in the receiver application, under top menu bar Options | External Reference).

Reference Output Option (/RO)

This option can be used to output the internal reference frequency. This is useful for situations when the receiver's own internal oscillator is to be used as a reference for other equipment, or, if an external reference is used, to provide this external reference to other receivers in a daisy-chain arrangement. The output is AC coupled, sine-wave at +2 dBm @ 50 ohm impedance (or +5 dBm if external reference is enabled). It can be directly connected to an external reference oscillator input of another WR-G39DDCi receiver. Note that the output is available when the receiver application is running and the receiver is turned on.

Audio Output Option (/AO)

This option makes demodulated audio output available physically at the card. This is useful for integrating the unit into various application-specific systems. The output level is 100 mV p-p max, to an output load that should be greater than 16 ohm.

At the rear of the card, there is a standard 6-pin connector for auxiliary power as well as, optionally, an SMA connector for IF output (70 MHz):

Intermediate Frequency 70 MHz Output Option (/IF)

This option provides a 16 MHz wide-band IF output at the second intermediate frequency of 70 MHz.

To order a receiver with any of the above options, simply add the option code(s) to the receiver model number. For example, for a receiver with the IF Option and External Reference Input Option, the model number will be G39DDCi/IF/XR. All of the available options can be mixed together.

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