Serial Interface Option for WiNRADiO G3 Series Receivers

G3 Serial Interface Option

This option allows you to connect a WiNRADiO WR-G303e or WR-G305e receiver to a PC using the serial (RS-232C) interface rather than the standard USB interface. With the serial interface, the receiver works somewhat differently: While with USB interface the receiver relies on its own built-in analog-to-digital converter to digitize the signal, with the serial interface the input digitization is performed by the PC sound card.

The 1.2 m (4 ft) cable contains both the digital (RS-232C) and audio signals. At the receiver's end, these are joined in the special "Mini-Centronics" connector that plugs in the receiver's interface port. At the PC end, the cable splits into two: A coaxial audio jack that connects to the Line Input of the PC sound card, and a standard 9-pin serial port.

Note: This option is not suitable for the WR-G313e or WR-G315e receivers (the RS-232 interface would be too slow to handle the data flow between the receivers and the PC).


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