WD-7200 with optional AX320D Direction Finding HF/VHF Antenna

WD-7200 with optional AX320D Direction Finding HF/VHF Antenna

The AX320D is an optional accessory for the WD-7200 Direction Finding System, extending its frequency coverage down to HF frequencies and below, while maintaining the WD-7200 main advantages of fast deployability, portability and operational friendliness - all delivered at a very low cost to the user.

Thanks to its portability and easy transportability, a WD-7200 system equipped with the optional AX320D antenna can be used in man-portable as well as mobile applications, and is eminently useful in the role of a "DF on the move" - an agile and capable target hunter.

The antenna is based on the time-honoured and well-proven Watson-Watt method.

The Watson-Watt technique is especially suitable for lower frequencies in the range where the AX320D is designed to predominantly operate. Using this antenna, the WD-7200 control unit compares amplitude differences between electronically switched loop antennas (contained within the AX320D weather-proof radome) against a vertical, omnidirectional reference antenna (usually referred to as the "sense antenna").

On HF frequencies, the antenna is particularly effective for ground-wave propagating signals, such as low-power man-portable transmitters ("manpacks") at typical distances of several kilometers, depending on the type of terrain and the transmitted power.

The AX320D antenna is designed to receive vertically polarized signals in the 2 to 280 MHz frequency range. All power and control signals to the antenna are provided through one multi-conductor control cable via the standard WD-7200 control unit. The received signal with encoded bearing information is routed to the receiver through a RF coaxial cable. The AX320D is fully compatible with the existing standard WD-7200 control unit and does not require any other add-ons or modifications for operation - simply plug it in and "DF on HF".



At the heart of the WD-7200-AX320D system is its sophisticated digital signal processing software. In addition to the standard WR-G3xDDC-style graphical user interface, the system software executes all of the complex mathematical functions and associated processes.

The system is entirely software-defined, which means that additional features and modes can easily be added by means of simple software changes.

The azimuth displays are established against the North reference. A dynamically adjustable buffer enables the user to average the bearing samples over time, effectively minimizing bearing degradation due to reflections. Histogram and waterfall displays greatly assist the operator.

Technical specifications
Frequency range 2 to 280 MHz
Polarization Vertical
Azimuth coverage 360 °
Antenna type Watson-Watts 4-element loop array with vertical sense antenna
Bearing accuracy 2 ° RMS typ. (2 to 280 MHz)
Weight (without tripod) 8.2 kg (18 lb)
Dimensions Height: 355 mm (14.0") without sense antenna, 488 mm (19.2") with sense antenna installed
Diameter: 505 mm (19.9")
Sense antenna length: 133 mm (5.2")
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