WiNRADiO Client/Server Option for 1000/1500, 3000 and 8000 Series Receivers

The Client /Server Option makes it possible to remotely control a WiNRADiO receiver across all types of computer networks supporting the TCP/IP protocol, including the Internet. With the Client/Server Option installed, a WiNRADiO receiver can be remotely controlled and listened to from anywhere in the world where a TCP/IP connection exists between the Client and the Server.

Client/Server Option

This Option is an add-on to the existing WiNRADiO application software and can install either on the remote system (the Server) or the control PC (the Client). Because the Client/Server Option is an extension to the existing WiNRADiO software, the stand-alone WiNRADiO applications have to be installed before the Client/Server Option can be installed.

The Client/Server Option contains two different software packages which the user is prompted to select at the installation time:

 The Server software is a stand-alone application that runs on the Server system, and provides access to the receivers from the network.

 The Client software provides a transparent interface to the remotely located receivers, accessible from the standard WiNRADiO application. As a result, the user interface is the same as if the receivers were located locally. A real-time audio streaming facility is also included.

There are three different versions of the Client/Server Option:

 WiNRADiO 1000/1500 Series Client/Server Option, suitable for receivers of the 1000 or 1500 series, both internal or external (such as WR-1000i, WR-1550e, etc.). This option allows a single-channel access to the Server.

 WiNRADiO 3000 Series Client/Server Option, suitable for receivers of the 3000 series, both internal and external, with or without DSP, such as WR-3150i-DSP, WR-3700e, etc. This option allows a single-channel access to the Server.

 WiNRADiO 8000 Series Client/Server Option, suitable for multichannel receivers such as MS-8108, etc. This Option allows multiple channel access to the Server.

The installation process is identical regardless of which version is being installed.

The 1000 and 1500 series receivers require a sound card at both ends of the Client/Server connection; a sound card is required at the Server to digitize the received audio, and another sound card is required at the Client end to recover the audio from the data stream. DSP-equipped 3000 series receivers (3150i-DSP, 3500i-DSP and 3700i-DSP) feature an on-board DSP which is ideal for digitizing the received audio at the Server end. Therefore a sound card is not needed at the Server end when a WR-3xxxi-DSP receiver is used. However, a sound card is always required at the Client end.

Client Operation

The Client relies on the standard WiNRADiO application, so that the operation of the remote receiver is exactly the same (using the same virtual control panel), as if the receiver was located locally.

Client Set-up

The actual location (IP address) for each remotely connected receiver is specified in the WiNRADiO Control Panel (accessible in Windows under Start | Settings | Control Panel).

Server Operation

The Server makes it possible to select the type of audio compression to be used for real-time streaming. (For example, MP3 can be used for optimum quality and compression.)

Server Operation

While running, the Server application displays the receiver status, streaming status and the status log:

 The Receiver Status display shows information on the current receiver settings such as frequency, mode and the resulting signal strength.

 The Streaming Status display shows the IP address of the Client connected to the receiver, the streaming format and approximate data rate from the Server to the Client.

 The Status Log shows a summary of all significant events that have occurred on the Server. These include connections, disconnections and setting change commands received from the Client.

The Server supports near real-time streaming to the Client computer, with a typical delay of approximately 0.25 second.

Minimum System Requirements

Server end:

 IBM PC compatible (min. 133 MHz Pentium)
 Windows XP
 32 MB of RAM, 5 MB of free disk space
 SoundBlaster compatible sound card (not necessary if a WR-3xxxi-DSP receiver is used)
 WiNRADiO receiver

Client end:

 IBM PC compatible (min. 133 MHz Pentium)
 Windows XP
 32 MB of RAM, 5 MB of free disk space
 SoundBlaster compatible sound card

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