Telephone Control Interface Option


 Remote signal monitoring over telephone
 Easy control via touch tone keypad codes
 Digitised voice announcements
 Optional connection to a cell-phone
 Optional PC control via voice modem

The WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface (WTCI) is ideally suited for remote surveillance and monitoring of radio signals.

WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface Option

The unit is designed to work in conjunction with WiNRADiO wide-band communications receivers (WR-1550e, WR-3150e, WR-3500e and WR-3700e).

The WTCI is connected to the receiver and a standard phone line, or optionally to a cell-phone. The user can control the receiver remotely using DTMF (touch-tone) commands, and the WTCI unit confirms received commands using a digitized voice.

Received audio signals can be listened to by the user in real time, from any public or private phone.

There is no limit on how far the receiver can be located from the listener, as long as a standard telephone service exists in both locations. The WTCI unit is therefore eminently suitable for remote monitoring of transmitters in civilian as well as government and military applications.

WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface
WTCI mounted under a WR-3150e
(front view).

The WTCI works like an auto-answer modem. Upon dialing in, a pleasant digitized voice invites the user to enter a password.

Upon successful entry of the password, the user can select from a large variety of commands. These include simple commands such as setting frequency and volume, as well as commands performing scanning, or status reading including signal strength.

WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface
WTCI mounted under a WR-3150e
(rear view, WTCI-S model shown).


There are two WTCI models: WTCI-B (basic version) and WTCI-S (special professional version). The WTCI-B model supports manual control only, and does not have a provision for a mobile (cellular) phone connection. The WTCI-S model makes it also possible to control the receiver using a PC (equipped with a voice modem) and the WTCInet option.

Model Support for PC control Support for cellular phone
(with WTCInet software option)

The WTCInet option is a PC-based software which makes it possible to network WTCI units using a PC with a voice modem, as well as add various advanced functions such as real-time audio recording.

The user interface of the optional WTCInet software is designed around familiar and intuitive WiNRADiO receiver interfacing concepts. The control panel resembles the intutitive user interface of a standard WiNRADiO receiver.

In addition to real-time control by the operator, WTCInet software makes it possible to automatically monitor, log and record the audio signal, without supervision.


 Block Diagram of WTCI Operations

WTCI Operations

Technical Specifications

Receivers supported WR-1550e
(0.15-1500 MHz)
(0.15-1500 MHz)
(0.15-2600 MHz)
(0.15-4000 MHz)
Supply voltage 12-15 V DC (standard WiNRADiO receiver power supply)
Supply current Typ. 150 mA
DTMF signal level 27.5 - 869 mV rms
DTMF duration Min. 60 ms
DTMF interval Min. 40 ms
Ring detector sensitivity 20 - 150 V rms
Loop current 10 - 120 mA
Power 96-265 VAC @ 47-63 Hz, auto-switching
Dimensions 121 x 215 x 26 mm
(4.76"x 8.46"x 1.02")
Weight 900g
(31.2 oz)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


 WR-WTCI-NET WTCInet Software
 WR-PPS Portable Power Source