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This shop includes mainly low-cost consumer products. For any products that you can't find here, for example high-end WiNRADiO products, or if you require an official quote, please contact our customer service.

All products are fully insured and despatched in quality export packaging. In the event that an article is lost, we will assume full responsibility and replace the article. Factory warranty applies to all products.

Direct Download of WiNRADiO Add-on Software

DRM logo Here you can download DRM Demodulator/Decoder for WiNRADiO and third-party receivers and purchase the DRM All-in-One License Key.
Advanced Digital Suite APCO P25 Decoder Universal FSK Decoder Here you will find add-on software such as demodulators and decoders, trunking applications, digital signal processing software, frequency databases, and many other software accessories - they are available by direct download and you can have them running with your receiver within minutes.