About WiNRADiO


WiNRADiO Communications is a division of Radixon Group, a Robotron company, founded in 1991 in order to commercialize the results of many years of research in radio communications.

WiNRADiO Communications, a division fully dedicated to innovation in radio communication technologies, was established in 1996 as a result of runaway success of our WiNRADiO product range.

Radixon Group is an R&D based company, with accumulated wealth of engineering experience in RF design, digital hardware design, DSP and application software development. Our mission is to advance radio communications by way of close integration with modern computing technologies.

Manufacturing and service takes place in modern ISO 9001:2015-accredited accommodation.

In addition to our standard range of innovative products we also produce customized solutions for specialized surveillance, monitoring, research as well as field test and measurement applications. We are big enough to have the necessary know-how and facilities, and small enough to be flexible and to care for our customers.

Melbourne In 2014, Radixon’s Australia-based corporate headquarters and its WiNRADiO Research Labs moved into their new home in Melbourne’s Collingwood district – on the edge of the central business district of The World’s Most Liveable City.

The new HQ resides in an innovatively renovated 19th century malthouse. It includes uniquely impressive training, product demonstration and team-building facilities, enjoyed by Radixon’s local and international customers, distributors and dealers.

Also known by its sobriquet Collingwood Castle, Radixon HQ reflects the creative, music and architectural passions of the Group founder and CEO, Milan Hudecek. The sprawling complex is home to Australia’s best privately owned large pipe organ and its inspiring story; a generously equipped studio of experimental music and an expansive music hall with a Steinway concert grand piano as centerpiece. Radixon Group makes these facilities available to encourage and inspire local talent, and hosts regular recitals by internationally renowned musicians and artists.