WiNRADiO Software Developers' Resource Page

G69DDC Receiver Series
G65DDC Receiver Series
G31DDC Receiver Series
G33DDC Receiver Series
G35DDC Receiver Series
G39DDC Receiver Series
G303 Receiver Series
G305 Receiver Series
G313 Receiver Series
G315 Receiver Series
G39WSB Sonobuoy Telemetry Receiver
G526e/DSPS Digital Back-End
AMFE-8600 Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender
G20DWC UHF/SHF Down-converter
RCU-100 Antenna Rotator Controller
1000-3000 Receiver Series
(legacy documentation for early WiNRADiO receivers)

Unlike many other receiver manufacturers, WiNRADiO invests heavily into in-house software development and employs full-time teams of software engineers constantly working on

new software applications and support.

This is why WiNRADiO receivers represent a true software developers' paradise, with comprehensive third-party software developer support readily available, making it possible for users to develop their own control software for a wide variety of professional and consumer applications.

These pages contain a rich source of information necessary for programmers to develop their own specialized application-specific interface for WiNRADiO receivers, both internal and external models.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need more information or assistance.
   (RadioBasic Programming Language)
   (Extensible Radio Specification)
   (WiNRADiO for Linux)