WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, industry, military, security, surveillance and spectrum monitoring organizations, as well as many radio and computer enthusiasts.

Since 1996, our award-winning receivers have been pioneering the integration of radio and computing technologies, continually enhanced by our innovative software. Our highly reliable products have been operating faultlessly in difficult conditions in some of the most hostile places of the planet.

Receivers - General Purpose

We manufacture receivers covering from low VLF frequencies up to high SHF microwave, including shortwave receivers and VHF/UHF scanners, for consumer and professional markets.

Receivers - Special Application

Our specialty receivers are a diverse mix, including monitoring receivers for audio engineering applications, marine receivers, sonobuoy telemetry receivers and phase-coherent receivers.

Receiver Systems for Monitoring, Surveillance and Logging

We produce complete turn-key radio monitoring systems ranging from portable single-channel applications for field tests and drive-by coverage measurements, to large scale computerized multi-channel surveillance systems capable of monitoring thousands of channels simultaneously.

Direction Finding Systems

WiNRADiO Direction Finding systems are being used in some of the most adverse environments. We use proven and reliable DF techniques, all delivered fully integrated in ruggedized packaging, suitable for both mobile and stationary deployment.

Weather Satellite Receiving Systems

WiNRADiO Weather Satellite Systems are fully integrated, ruggedized, precise and affordable hardware/software solutions for capturing and processing high resolution image data from weather satellites in real time.

Software Options

Our receiver software options include various digital signal processing applications, decoders, loggers, client/server applications for remote control, and other receiver-enhancement software.

Hardware Options

For our receivers, we make numerous hardware options available, which include interface adapters, power supplies, mounting brackets, data cables, and many other accessories.


As your one-stop shop for communications products, we offer many types of antennas of different frequency ranges and applications, usable with our receivers as well as third-party products.

Antenna Accessories

To maximize the quality of the received signal, we offer numerous antenna accessories, such as baluns, low noise amplifiers, downconverters, power injectors, mounting hardware and many others.

Antenna Distribution Systems

Our computer-controlled antenna distribution systems make it possible to connect multiple antennas to multiple receivers, fully atomatically and user transparently, with maximum isolation and minimum insertion loss.

Windows Computer systems

Our computer systems for radio surveillance and monitoring are tailored to particular customer-specific applications. We also supply generic ruggedized portable and rack-mount computers specifically designed for radio applications, with minimum self-generated radio frequency interference.

Test tools

Try our low-cost RF sniffers for fast and easy troubleshooting of unwanted interference caused by electromagnetic radiation sources in your local environment.

Custom Products

We will customize receivers to your specific requirements, write software applications, design antennas, and generally assist you with your specific radio communications monitoring and surveillance needs.