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WiNRADiO Communications is a division of Radixon Group, a Robotron company, founded in 1991 in order to commercialize the results of many years of research in radio communications.

WiNRADiO Communications, a division fully dedicated to innovation in radio communication technologies, was established in 1996 as a result of runaway success of our WiNRADiO product range. Radixon Group is an R&D based company, with accumulated wealth of engineering experience in RF design, digital hardware design, DSP and application software development. Our mission is to advance radio communications by way of close integration with modern computing technologies.

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WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, industry, military, security, surveillance and spectrum monitoring organizations, as well as many radio and computer enthusiasts.

We have many software-defined receivers for general purpose and special applications.
Designed for surveillance and monitoring applications, our Multichannel Receiver Systems provide cost-effective and powerful alternatives to conventional solutions.
Our Direction Finding systems are being used in some of the most adverse environments,

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  • Check out our RLX-810 Network Receiver and the upcoming G528e ("CHEETAH") front-end SDR module!
  • The award-winning G31DDC EXCALIBUR continues to represent the best price/performance ratio for consumer shortwave listeners, especially with its recently improved AMS performance and Noise Blanker. The QST magazine had a good look at the receiver and liked what they saw. See the demonstration and overview on YouTube and read the actual review here.
  • Rolling off the production line: The all-new G39DDC series; the EXCELSIOR, very serious monitoring and surveillance solution for a very serious user. Is it a powerful receiver with a powerful spectrum analyzer, or a powerful spectrum analyzer with a powerful receiver? Decide for yourself.
  • Our innovative range of WR-G526e modular solutions for high-performance software-defined radio is now being joined with new models of the WR-G527e and WR-G528e range. Wide-band analog front-end modules are supplemented with powerful and versatile DSP back-end devices to suit many diverse high-performance SDR applications, such as high-speed search, phase-coherent systems for direction finding, and others.
  • Are you new to Software Defined Radio; are you aware of all its advantages? Here they are all summarized.
  • The low-cost WR-G305e and WR-G305i software-defined VHF/UHF receivers and their professional application counterparts WR-G315e and WR-G315i packed with features, boast excellent performance and many advanced facilities superior to conventional VHF/UHF scanners. All these receivers are also supported by our APCO P25 decoders and trunking options
  • Advanced multichannel and telemetry receiver systems from WiNRADiO: The MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry System (next time when you travel by airplane, there is a good chance that its jet engine may have been tested on one of these), the MS-8118/WSB Sonobuoy Telemetry System, and the MS-8118/BRL broadcast monitoring system specifically designed for radio monitoring and logging applications in the broadcast and aviation industries.
  • Our PFSL-G3 field strength logging system is specifically designed for mobile "drive-by" signal coverage measurements, field strength mapping and mobile surveillance.
  • To supplement our receivers, we also have some interesting antennas. Check out for our example our AX-31C Log-Periodic Antenna, available in many different configurations, including a hand-held version for cost-effective direction-finding applications. Or take our AX-81S active HF antenna: Originally designed as a ruggedized marine antenna, it has become popular for general shortwave applications due to its low cost, small size and high performance. With excellent dynamic range and low noise, this may well be the ideal shortwave antenna you have been looking for. If the opposite side of the spectrum is your forte, we have the AX-48H broadband horn antenna that goes up to 18 GHz.
  • Our DRM decoder software is now available for all our general-purpose G3 Series receivers. Expand the power of your receivers with the ability to receive and enjoy this new technology; DRM broadcasts can be received over thousands of miles, yet the audio is as clear as your local FM station. DRM software is also available for third-party receivers, and can be purchased here.
  • Check out WiNRADiO's WSS-420 Weather Satellite Receiving System. WiNRADiO supplies complete turnkey HRPT Weather Satellite Systems as well as individual building blocks. Check out also our excellent Antenna Rotators and Controllers!
  • Can't find the receiver you need? We also welcome customized solution enquiries for specialized applications. All our receivers are made to the strictest quality standards. Wherever required, we make them very tough, too; see for yourself.
  • Is your radio XRS capable? If not, you might be missing out! Find out more about the XRS standard, the secret of flexibility and power of WiNRADiO receivers.
  • The WiNRADiO Marine Application Suite is specially designed with yacht use in mind. When deployed with the WR-G305 receiver (supplied separately) a number of decoding facilities are provided including HF Fax, NAVTEX, HF/VHF DSC and TELEX, as well as classical AM, SSB, CW and FM radio modes (with frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 1800 MHz). A GPS option is also available which integrates the receiver with a high-resolution global mapping facility.

Apple Macintosh users:
WiNRADiO is also a MacRadio. Tune your Mac to the world!

Do we have code for Linux? Not only that, but also a LiNRADiO Web site to go with it. Many of our receivers have Linux drivers available for developers. Check out also our new RLX-810 Linux-based Network Receiver.

- Don't forget to visit our online shop where you can purchase many of our products direct from the factory.