Receiver Systems for Surveillance, Monitoring and Logging

Designed for surveillance, telemetry, security, military, telecommunications, and media monitoring applications, these integrated, turn-key products provide cost-effective, elegant and powerful alternatives to conventional multi-receiver systems and monitoring, intercepting and logging facilities.

Owing to their software-defined architectures, these systems are capable of multitudes of tasks, including monitoring and logging radio communications on several channels simultaneously, as well as automatically making decisions based on user-specified circumstances.


The MS-8118/G3 Multichannel Radio Monitoring System provides an elegant, fully integrated solution, designed for automatic or operator-assisted monitoring and surveillance of frequencies ranging from VLF frequencies up to low microwave, in all major modulation modes. The system is designed to monitor radio frequencies on up to eight channels simultaneously, record digitized signals on the hard disk for easy later retrieval, and perform automatic decisions based on the received signals. The unit can operate unattended and can be remotely controlled in a Client/Server configuration.


The MS-8118/BRL Broadcast Recorder and Logger integrates automatic computer-controlled audio recording and signal strength logging, specifically designed for broadcast applications. The system will monitor up to eight AM or FM radio stations simultaneously and record the digitized audio signals on the hard disk for easy later retrieval. The unit can operate entirely unattended and can be also remotely controlled in a Client/Server configuration.


The MS-8118/WSB The WiNRADiO MS-8118/WSB Sonobuoy Telemetry Multichannel Receiving System provides an elegant, fully integrated solution, specifically designed for reception and monitoring of VHF telemetry receivers, in particular sonobuoy receivers, on multiple channels.


The MS-8323 The MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry Receiver System is suitable for reception, tracking and demodulating of FM radio signals of telemetry transmitters. The 8-channel system is easily expandable up to 72 simultaneous independent channels. The high-performance receivers are highly tolerant to frequency drift, able to be used in telemetry applications where the transmitter frequency is prone to drifting, for example where the telemetry tramsmitters are operating under severe environmental conditions or are not crystal-controlled.


The PFSL-G3 system is a low-cost integrated HF/VHF/UHF signal strength monitoring and logging system specifically designed for mobile "drive-by" signal coverage measurements, field strength mapping and related operations, based on WiNRADiO 3rd generation software-defined receivers for maximum performance.

The PFSL-G3 system employs an integrated GPS receiver to display and store geographical co-ordinates of the measured signal. The logged data include time, date, latitude, longtitude and altitude.

The signal level can be measured in µV, dBm or S-units, and field strength can be measured in µV/m or dBµV/m. Instantaneous, peak or average values can be displayed and logged, calculated over user-definable intervals.


The RLX-810 Network Receiver consists of a software-defined radio receiver and a web server on a Linux-based industrial computer platform. No additional hardware such as a PC, keyboard or monitor are required on the server side. The unit contains a highly reliable fanless Linux computer for server-side processing and recording storage. User interface is accomplished using a Java applet that guarantees platform independence. This product may be used as a basis of an unattended radio monitoring system, Internet radio station or in other remotely-controlled surveillance or logging applications.

 AX-12B Antenna System
 WA-811 Antenna Distribution System