WR-G527e Wide-Band Phase Coherent Tuner Front-End


The WiNRADiO WR-G527e is a versatile receiver platform of USB-interfaced modular building blocks suitable for high-performance signal intercept, acquisition and monitoring applications, precision direction finding and beam-forming.

The WiNRADiO WR-G527e is designed to be a compact, low-cost front-end of choice for Software-Defined Radio applications wherever an instantaneous IF bandwidth greater than 20 MHz is required. The robust, low-power tuner can be deployed in fixed, land mobile, or airborne installations, and is able to support single-channel as well as multi-channel phase-coherent applications with excellent phase and amplitude matching between channels.


 Input frequency range 0.01-3000 MHz
 Output frequency 70 MHz
 IF bandwidth 22 MHz
 Very low phase noise
 Low phase and amplitude distortion
 High frequency stability 0.01 ppm
 High dynamic range
 Very fast tuning speed
 Single or multichannel operation
 USB interface

WR=G526e Tuner Modules

For frequencies above 20 MHz, the receiver is based on a double-conversion process, where the incoming frequency is down-converted to the output frequency 70 MHz, which is provided as a filtered output ready to be digitized. The IF paths are switchable in order to minimize images and spurious mixing products. Filters are specially selected to ensure flat phase response and digitally controlled attenuators are employed in the front-end as well as in the IF path.

For frequencies 0.01 to 30 MHz, an amplified bypass output is available for a direct connection to a DSP back-end.

The entire system features an excellent phase stability and flatness throughout the entire frequency range, with minimum amplitude and phase distortion, as well as minimum amplitude and phase mismatch between channels.



The WR-G527e/TM tuner module can be used either as a front-end for a single-channel receiver, or a multichannel phase-coherent receiver system with excellent phase matching (typically 3 degrees across the entire frequency range) between channels.

For HF frequencies 0.1 to 30 MHz, the tuner relies on a direct-amplified path without any frequency conversion. For higher frequencies, the tuner employs dual frequency conversion. There is also a digitally-controlled attenuator 0-30 dB in the front end, and a secondary 20 dB attenuator in the IF path.

WR-G526e/TM Tuner Module


The WR-G527e/RMF is an ultra-fast DDS-based reference oscillator and distributor module suited for phase-coherent multichannel systems, capable of driving up to eight WR-G527e/TM tuner modules. The reference oscillator features a very high frequency accuracy and stability of 0.01 ppm, thanks to a built-in OCXO. Higher frequency stability is possible using an optional external frequency reference input.

The module's superior phase noise performance and fast tuning speed allows it to be used in high-performance search receivers and other demanding single-channel or phase-coherent multi-channel applications.

WR-G526e/RM Reference and Distribution Module

 WR-G527e Software Support
 WR-G527e Detailed Technical Specifications
 WR-G527e Experimental Platform
 WR-G528e 'CHEETAH' Miniature Front-End
 WR-G526e Front-End
 WR-G526e/DSP Back-End (also suitable for WR-G527e Front-End)
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