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The WiNRADiO WR-G303e is a software-defined PC-based HF receiver (9 kHz to 30 MHz). It represents an external version of the award-winning WR-G303i receiver, with equivalent performance.

The PC-based receiver is USB-controlled and compatible with modern desktop and laptop computers with USB interface. An optional serial interface is also available.

WiNRADiO WR-G303e receiver


 Extraordinary sensitivity
 Excellent strong signal handling
 Real-time spectrum analyzer
 Spot-on tuning in 1Hz steps
 Accurate signal strength indicator
 Very low phase noise
 DRM decoder option
 Serial interface option

With the Professional Demodulator Option, the many additional features include:

 Continuously variable IF bandwidth 1Hz - 15kHz
 User adjustable filter selectivity
 Built-in test and measurement instrumentation
 Interactive block diagrams

The WiNRADiO G303e: A ground-breaking shortwave receiver that will surely amaze you.

G3 - the third generation The WR-G303e is another member of our award-winning family of G3 software defined receivers.

A Software Defined Radio (SDR) is such where demodulation and the last IF (intermediate frequency) processing are done entirely in software. Usually this means using a DSP, but in the case of the G303e, this processing is done on a PC. Most modern PCs are now faster and more powerful than many DSPs were only a few years ago. So, if you own a PC, the chances are that you already own an important part of a software defined radio receiver!

In addition to the flexible and friendly user interface, with its numerous functions and facilities not normally available on conventional receivers, the WiNRADiO G303e receiver excells particularly by the ability of its demodulators: While the Standard Demodulator provides performance of a highly respectable shortwave receiver including synchronous AM demodulation and a real-time spectrum scope, the optional Professional Demodulator offers even more: continuous IF filter bandwidth adjustment (in 1Hz increments), interactive block diagrams with two additional audio spectrum scopes, and even built-in signal measurement facilities.

An optional DRM decoder/demodulator is also available.

WR-G303e Package

What's included?

The standard WR-G303e package includes:

 WR-G303e receiver
 Application software
 Comprehensive user's manual
 Low-noise linear power supply
 Start-up antenna
 USB cable
 BNC-to-SMA adapter

No lengthy and frustrating installation needed: Run the installation program, plug the receiver in and experience the shortwave bands as you never did before!

System requirements:

 PC with 500 MHz Pentium CPU or faster
 One free USB socket
 Windows XP/Vista/7
 Standard sound card

 Hardware Options
 Detailed Technical Specifications
 WaveBase 3
 Advanced Digital Suite
 DRM Demodulator/Decoder
 WR-AX-05 Long Wire Antenna
 WR-LWA-0130 Antenna Adapter
 WR-CMC-30 Common-Mode Choke
 WR-PPS-G3 Portable Power Supply
 Application Software Download
 Third Party Developer's Information
 Comparative summary of WiNRADiO Receivers
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